Rogue Trader (2021) | Paulo Andre Aragao

2021, Feature Film, Tom Walker, Rogue Trader, Ivory Productions & La Piscine Productions, David Preute

Ambitious investment banker Tom Walker is catapulted from his rather monotonous daily routine in the back office of a bank to its hectic trading floor, where from one moment to the next he is responsible for the most complex and important portfolio of the ailing financial institution.

With Ankie Beilke, Paulo Aragao, Tom Bowen, Oleg Kricunova

Inspired by true events. Tom Walker is a young and ambitious trader in a large investment bank. He quickly rises through the ranks of the firm and suddenly finds himself responsible for a complicated financial portfolio worth 60 billion dollars. Struggling to meet the troubled bank’s enormous profit expectations, he comes up with a not entirely legal financial tool that allows him to bypass the bank’s regulations. After making millions and single handedly saving the firm from insolvency, Tom’s fraud spirals out of control and he has to realize, that he was but a pawn in a much larger scheme.

© 2021 La Piscine Productions, University of Television and Film Munich and Bayerischer Rundfunk

Writer and Director: David Preute

Director of Photography: Ahmed El Nagar

Producer: Fabian Carl, Jan Linnartz

Composer: Giovanni Berg, Dieter Schleip

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